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From one single girl to another


I have a great many female clients who come and see me wanting to work through relationship issues and one of the biggest questions remains “why aren’t I in a relationship?”, “Why haven’t I found him?”,  “Why has this person come into my life if they aren’t the right one?”  Frustration and dwindled patience are the hot emotions at play here. You will know this is you when you start to do one or all of the following: You go for a walk and you find yourself scowling at couples who are minding their own business happily holding hands whilst taking their dog…


Friends, Family or Both?


This week I was fortunate enough to have lots of social time. It got me thinking about all the beautiful friends I have in my life and how I feel like they are my family also.  My friends know me better than some of my family members.  Over the years there have been family functions where I felt like an alien wondering, who are these people? And no doubt they have thought that about me. I have watched them trying to figure me out.


Your how to guide on keeping relationships in balance!


I often describe relationships being a lot like bank accounts. You make deposits and withdrawals along the way, for example when we feel wronged, hurt, drained or hard done by they, these are withdrawals. When we spend time nurturing our relationships, when we are selfless, loving and thoughtful these are deposits. I often use this as a gage to determine how the relationships in my life are going. Sometimes we come across hurdles and challenges within a relationship, and it seems as if there is withdrawal after withdrawal. This is a good time to sanity check whether this is a…


Break up recovery – 101


Break up’s no matter how old you are, are tough.  It takes time to heal and it takes time to process what happened. Eight years ago, I separated from my ex husband. It’s not a topic I particular enjoy and bar the discussion and dissection in my book Heroine, I try not to talk or think about it.  That unfortunately is a little hard for me to do when my clients are attracted my service because I specialise in breaking patterns of behaviour that attract narcissistic men. My clients stories remind me of my own experience. My way of teaching is through…


When they cant “see” you…


There have been so many times (truly lost count) of men I’ve met who are what I classify as unawakened. They aren’t alert to the synchronicity, they don’t see the opportunity in front of them. I’m not talking about attraction, I’m talking about their soul registering that the two of you meeting is a big deal. A man can be attracted to you and still be unawakened to your meeting. This story will help you understand. I had spent the day at the hot springs and from that morning I just wanted my hair cut.  I was distracted by the thought…



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Maryanne Katsidis, Ambassador for ChooseREAL

Will you #ChooseREAL with me? Such an important movement to empower our girls

and everyone to know their worth, value and significance. ChooseREAL is passionate

about “seeing a generation of girls who know and live out the truth that they (and

everyone around them) are more than enough. Just as they are.” Let’s join together

to take this message viral. #ChooseREAL #MoreThanEnough

Watch this encouraging film – JUST BE – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SG1G1_3XM5A



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