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This is what happens when you connect to your inner child


There is so much wonder in the unknown but man do we fear it! The fear consumes and paralyses us and we feel stuck in the confusion. Why does the not knowing feel so overwhelming? Control limits the joy of the unknown We spend so much time wanting to control things, so things are “perfect” but those reins are so tight we squeeze the joy out of it. Our exercise, the food we eat, what time we go to bed and wake up, what we drink, what chores require completing are oh so planned out.  We like it like that, it…


Let’s talk about sex


Sex is still such a controversial topic. Some people are so open and free about it and others just cant stop from turning red at the thought of even uttering any words about it. My clients are often interested in my personal shenanigans. I entertain them with my stories but the last four months things seem to have been quiet on the man front. I haven’t been dating as much. Not for any other reason than that I have decided I only want to connect with and participate physically with someone who I have a true emotional connection with. Some…


How to receive your miracle


Have you been asking for a miracle but you don’t know how to manifest it? Please read on. What is manifesting anyway? Manifesting is evidence of our thoughts. It is evidence of our beliefs, particularly those sitting in the subconscious. The pesky thoughts that say something different to our conscious mind. Manifesting what we want can feel a bit hit and miss. We know that the thoughts we create are our reality, but what do we do once those naughty thoughts, the not so nice thoughts start to get some momentum? How do you bring yourself back to a place…


Are you putting other people’s needs before yours?


My lifestyle and my focus has changed significantly over the last couple of months. My want to nurture my body and nourish it, is at the forefront of my mind. It’s been easy to have it all planned out. For example, I decide what day I am going to go to yoga, what I am going to eat, what time of the day I am going to meditate, what time I am going to wake up and go to sleep. Now that I’ve finally gotten into a routine I don’t really want to break it.  I’ve been resistant to being…


The spiritual significance of car problems


Last week after months of procrastinating I finally had my car serviced.  It had been 12 months since the last tune up and the brakes had started to squeak. I booked the car in for a standard service and new brakes as I had done very low mileage in the past year. The good natured mechanic arrived and advised that he would do an assessment of the car and let me know in more detail what was needed.  Within 30 mins he had told me that the car needed a full service.  Crikey!  He went on to tell me that the car needed new spark…



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Maryanne Katsidis, Ambassador for ChooseREAL

Will you #ChooseREAL with me? Such an important movement to empower our girls

and everyone to know their worth, value and significance. ChooseREAL is passionate

about “seeing a generation of girls who know and live out the truth that they (and

everyone around them) are more than enough. Just as they are.” Let’s join together

to take this message viral. #ChooseREAL #MoreThanEnough

Watch this encouraging film – JUST BE – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SG1G1_3XM5A



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