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Are you putting other people’s needs before yours?


My lifestyle and my focus has changed significantly over the last couple of months. My want to nurture my body and nourish it, is at the forefront of my mind. It’s been easy to have it all planned out. For example, I decide what day I am going to go to yoga, what I am going to eat, what time of the day I am going to meditate, what time I am going to wake up and go to sleep. Now that I’ve finally gotten into a routine I don’t really want to break it.  I’ve been resistant to being…


The spiritual significance of car problems


Last week after months of procrastinating I finally had my car serviced.  It had been 12 months since the last tune up and the brakes had started to squeak. I booked the car in for a standard service and new brakes as I had done very low mileage in the past year. The good natured mechanic arrived and advised that he would do an assessment of the car and let me know in more detail what was needed.  Within 30 mins he had told me that the car needed a full service.  Crikey!  He went on to tell me that the car needed new spark…


Can you ask for what you want?


Dating can feel a bit overwhelming . There are so many ways to date nowadays that it almost feels like its too easy for people to chop and change and “try on” lots of different people, without ever really settling down. That can be terribly disappointing if you’re looking to settle down and get married. This disappointment tends to arrive a little bit too late in the game. The reason this happens is due to you not asking the important questions early on. Why don’t we ask for what we want? We often avoid asking the questions we most want…


Inner child vs Adult you


We read and hear so much about taking care of our inner child but as adults, we often forget to do this.  We get so caught up in the day to day activities, the rules, the regimental programs we hold ourselves accountable to, the belief that others come before ourselves that we don’t allow for what we most want.   inner child noun noun: inner child; plural noun: inner children a person’s supposed original or true self, especially when regarded as concealed in adulthood. “you may still be acting out the pain suffered by your inner child”   Typically the inner child…


It’s not you… it’s them!


This one is for all the singles out there that need a little bit of faith restored..      



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Maryanne Katsidis, Ambassador for ChooseREAL

Will you #ChooseREAL with me? Such an important movement to empower our girls

and everyone to know their worth, value and significance. ChooseREAL is passionate

about “seeing a generation of girls who know and live out the truth that they (and

everyone around them) are more than enough. Just as they are.” Let’s join together

to take this message viral. #ChooseREAL #MoreThanEnough

Watch this encouraging film – JUST BE – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SG1G1_3XM5A



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